Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 9 - The Power of Responsibility

The word responsibility pretty much says it all.
"You are present to the fact that nobody is coming to save you, nobody is coming to care for you, nobody can shepherd this soul into the life it was meant to live but you."pg146
This ain't your mama's kind of responsibility, no way. The "oh, you better do your dirty laundry or everyone's gonna think you're a mess!" There is no guilt, or no resentment here - just loving, honoring, protecting, and doing for yourself in line with your soul's desires.
Today, I realized that I can serve my family and it is still in keeping with my own soul's desires - to be loved, have fun, to be kind and gentle to my children...
But I do have to keep reminding myself to put first my soul's desires that involve only me - writing, creating, SLEEPING... (with that I say goodnight!)

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