Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1 - The Gift of Desire

- Rose at 5:30am.
- slow, deep breathing. Answered assigned questions:

What is the condition of your flame right now?
confused, scattered
On a scale of one to ten, where would you rate it?
Where would you like it to be at the end of the day?
What is your intention for the day? What intention can you create to strengthen
and fuel your flame?
What is the primary feeling you want to generate from your intention?
What will you need to do to ensure that your intention becomes a reality?
write down and do only what are my soul's priorities. Do these things deliberately and fully in the present moment.
What will you have to give up—what thought, belief, or behavior—to ensure that you fulfill
your intention for today?
I will have to give up the belief that what i do is unimportant and that there is not enough time to do it all.
What healing mantra—what sentence or phrase—can you repeat to yourself throughout
the day to soothe your soul and manifest your intention?
I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do
How many times throughout the day do you need to hear this?

I Love where this cleanse begins - with Desire!

"It is the impulse that gives you the ambition and the energy to share your
unique talents with the world." pg85
Basically, day one is about giving voice to what your soul longs for most.
So, I quietly listened and was surprised to see (as I wrote them down) that I have known most of my desires for quite some time!
What caught me by surprise and caused me to tear-up was Debbie's "soul food" for the day:
"My soul's desire is the voice of God."

This hit me so hard, I think, because I just don't think of my own desires that way. Most of the time they just seem like another thing to do on an endless list!! But what else is my soul here to do?

I'm so hooked in to my kid's business and numbing, distracting, and doubting myself that I've edged out or thrown only the scrapes to my own desires. No wonder I feel uninspired, depleted, and on the worst days - resentful.

In the afternoon, (when I actually said "Not right now" to Jessica) I followed the cleansing ritual and started revamping my vision board.

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