Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 3 - The Gift of Release

This day, for me, was all about negative thoughts - They are what truly keep me from being All that I Am!!

They keep me separated from spirit like a malicious little school girl that has spread lies about me and I feel alone and unlovable.

Here are some toxic thoughts/beliefs I caught myself firing out today:

- taking care of children is a burden/not important
- I deserve to suffer for my mistakes
- kids continually do things wrong
- having fun is a waste of time
- I'm too tired
- I don't have time for that
- I'm unworthy of success
- what I do is unimportant

Yikes!! Why in that world would I tell myself these things over and over (in different forms) all day long? I don't even believe (on an intellectual level) any of these statements!

As instructed I drew a picture of what it looks like in my psyche and burnt it! I am free to imagine a new future, unburdened.

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