Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 10 - The Power of Humility

I was so confused about this day's focus that I had to give myself time to sleep on it! Day 9's focus was described by Debbie as follows:

"You will need to ask for assistance and for courage. By asking God,
"Please do for me what I cannot do for myself," you commit fully to living the humble life of a spiritual servant." pg 149

Asking God, the universe, my inner spirit... for assistance and courage - I can do. Actually, I probably do this relatively often, especially when things get really rough, but committing myself fully to being a humble servant - I'm not so sure! Maybe it's a question of semantics (the word servant, perhaps) or maybe it is that I am not willing to relinquish the power to make my own decisions.

I feel strongly that I live my life in accordance with my soul's desires (or that I strive to - hence, this 21-day cleanse). To me, this is being a well informed, well connected, spiritual person, not a slave to my spirit/God. Maybe this is what Debbie Ford is talking about and I'm just getting tangled up in the language (and it's association with organized religion).

It could be that my ego gets in the way of my faith. For now, I'm not going to draw any set conclusions but I will accept myself where I am, as I am. After all, today (now day 11) is the power of acceptance.

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