Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 8 - The Power of Liberation

Day 8 Freedom. In morning practice I was asked: What is the condition of my freedom flame? Here is what I wrote:
My freedom flame is circling around its pen like a dog who sees the door is open but is afraid to leave.
My intention today was to set myself free and create a feeling of lightness and joy.
After my morning practice I slipped back into bed and fell asleep. Tate woke me up an hour later. Something had shifted inside me. My head felt clouded, my body tired, and my mind began shooting off complaints and listing things to do. I struggled to regain clarity, and peace.
With so much to do, how could I "fit in" freedom? Is it possible to be free when you have four children, laundry, and a house to clean?
My husband was still in bed when I entered the room to put in a load of laundry. He opened his eyes, smiled, and beckoned me over. I didn't even hesitate. I recognized immediately the call of freedom.
Later in the day, Pat and I snowshoed through the woods and fields in front of our house. Pat made a little campfire and bbqed hamburgers for me! I felt loved, adventurous, and free - all in my own big backyard (well, technically my frontyard)!!

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