Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 7 - Self Acknowledgement

For Day 7's morning practice on worthiness I created the intention to claim my own power. Now, this is something I am not used to!
I felt out/experimented with what it meant to utilize my own power as I interacted with my kids this morning.
At first, I was being bossy (this is my usual exercise of power) but this didn't feel right to me anymore. So I was kind of floundering around with what shape my power could take when we sat down to breakfast.
Clara spoke to me, and in response I smiled at her. Her face lit up and she said, "mama." in the prettiest, most loving way.

At that instant it hit me. This is my power. A smile is power! And as the day wore on I saw that a kind comment is power, telling your truth is power, lovingly speaking to your frustrated husband is power, not getting frustrated yourself is power... Wow!

Today's focus on self-acknowledgement was explained as follows:

"[When you celebrate the best in yourself] In the presence of your own living attention, you create the inner conditions that are necessary to step into the next greatest evolution of yourself. Right now, there is a stronger, more vibrant, more inspired version of you that is wanting and waiting to emerge." pg123

Today's cleansing ritual was a total love fest - acknowledging what I have done well, courageous actions, things I have accomplished, and contributions I've made to people around me - and I loved it!

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Erica said...

I love this post. I can picture Clara :)