Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 16 - the Light of God's Will

Well, as you may have noticed I've been dragging my feet for this day. All Debbie's God talk sets off little alarm bells in my head sort-0f-like if she had showed up at my door with a bible!
For Day 16 Debbie writes:
"God's will can become your internal reference point from this day forward; it is your choice - God's will or your ego's will."
I understand that my ego is insatiable and if I follow its advice I could end up an unhappy shop-a-holic or write-a-holic, or enlightenment-a-holic!
But I don't think it neccessary to pit my ego against my spirit. Makes me think of the good-angel-on-one-shoulder and bad-angel-on-the-other kind of thing.
That being said, I did agree with the following:
- I have something to contribute
- my ego can get in the way or it can serve to keep my on track
- I am supported by something greater than myself
- I must listen to my soul/spirit to know which direction is best for my journey
- there are no mistakes - just interesting/sometimes painful detours

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