Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 14 - The Power of Truth

Why is truth so hard to swallow? to see? to face?

Day 14's truth seeking took me 20 minutes to digest, a day to see, and a second day to face.
Elizabeth Lesser (author of the Seeker's Guide and Broken Open), refers to the soul (life energy/spirit...) as a lantern. A lantern which shines unobstructed when we are born, but as we become conditioned it is layered in soot. The soot dims our soul's light. I love this image and think it is perfect for Day 14! Time to do a little cleaning.

For Day 14's cleansing ritual Debbie asked that I find any place in my life where I am living inside a lie or area where I am living a smaller expression of my soul's desires.
Then I was to imagine that in each area I've identified that I've made an agreement in the past that has kept this pattern in place.
Here are a few agreements I didn't even know I'd been keeping:

  1. I promise to take care of my body and mind after I have cared for my family, friends, and sometimes strangers.
  2. I will respect Pat, Jess, and Kaylem's work time but not that of my own. I will "fit creativity in when I can" and devout a greater amount of time and energy to my children's success than to my own.

I don't know when I signed these agreements?! Here are my new contracts which reflect my soul's desires:

  1. I promise to put the care of my body and mind before that of my family and the care of my family before friends or strangers.
  2. I will set a time (which works for me) to write and respect that my work time is as important as Jess, Kay, or Pat's. I will invest the same amount of energy in my own success as I do in the success of my children.

Wow, I think my lantern is a little brighter!

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