Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 18 - The Light of Transcendence

Day 18 was all about trancending the "I" and acting with awareness of the "we". In other words, I am not alone but connected to all life forms and energy.
This is a no brainer for me - I believe this very firmly (as much as I may want to separate myself from the crazy nazi hailing man on the 95 bus, I realize we are all in this together!)
Today's ritual had me look at all the places in which I am still trying to do it alone and then see if I could ask someone for help or guidance. I totally burst out laughing when I realized - I don't do anything alone!
parenting - with Pat
writing - have a great critique group, endless writers help books, workshops...
coaching - with Lisa, Lindsay
yoga - with Claudia
spiritual seeking - continuously hang out with Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Louise Hay...
Conclusion - there is not one area of my life that I have not enlisted help! So, here's a big shout out to all the wonderful influences and guides in my life!!

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