Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 20 - The Light of Compassion

Today's focus is compassion - taking the greater, more compassionate view of any situation.
In the cleansing exercises Debbie asked that I imagine that there is a divine story of my life waiting to be revealed and I that I write it down. Here is what came out:
The divine story of my life is the story of a woman whose heart overflows with compassion. She is a woman who must overcome the pull of material things and balance compassion at home with compassion abroad. Also, she must develop and nurture a focus on her soul's desires lest she be hooked into the unimportant details of life. She watches her children become more independant and soon will choose a new path of compassionate work. All the while dedicating her life to self care and the care of the world's children.
When I read this now, I am surprised at how simple, yet, accurate this description is - not necessarily how the world sees me, but rather how I would hope to see myself.

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