Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 19 - The Light of Purpose

What is to be your contribution to the world? What is your soul's legacy?
Are there any bigger questions you could ask yourself?
Debbie writes:
"Although you may feel overwhelmed or depressed by this conversation, I think it's imperative, if you are to find and live your soul's purpose, to thoroughly examine the legacy you hope to leave behind."
Well, I was overwhelmed and instead of feeling depressed I stuck my head in the unconscious sand for a few days. The funny thing is, that the longer I put off blogging about Day 19 the clearer I became on my view of a legacy.
I have always felt that I was meant to do something great - like my heart could work miracles if only it were free of my constricting body and limiting mind. For years I asked myself what is it I'm meant to do? How will I change the world for the better?
All my longing made me very unhappy and that is when I realized that I am here to do little things of value with great joy rather than great things of value without joy. Now, I try to live every moment with as much joy as possible and whatever legacy or ripple this leaves in this world that is the legacy of my soul.

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