Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 21 - The Light of Possibility

Following your intuition is talked about on Day 21 as well as trusting that there are new possibilities out there.
For the cleansing ritual I was asked to finish this sentence (not think, just write):
"My soul's purpose is..."
and this is what I wrote:
My soul's purpose is to love and create.
Wow! I think I can manage that - after all I have the rest of my life!
Debbie left me with 21 wonderful rules to follow, here are just a few:
1.Upon waking every morning, breathe deeply and ask to be reminded of why you are here and what your deepest desire is for the day.
2. Choose the level of consciousness that you want to explore today. Then write down three choices you can make that will ensure that your access this state.
... I will put many of her rules into practice simply because they bring me joy and clarity.
This marks the end of my 21-day consciousness cleanse - Thanks to everyone who took snippets of this journey along with me! Peace, joy and creative wishes to all of you! Stephxxxooo

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